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Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research (MEJSR)

:: Prof. Dr. Wahid Mohamed Ahmed, Egypt

   Co. Editors-in-Chief

:: Prof. Dr. Ghasem Najafpour, Iran

:: Prof. Dr. Ahmad Puad Mat Som, Malaysia

:: Prof. Dr. Perić Nenad, Serbia

   Editorial Board Members and Reviewers

:: Dr. Juma Yousuf Alaydi, Palestine

:: Dr. Khaled Abd El-Azez Mohmed Ali Aiad, Egypt

:: Dr. Abdalla Mohamed Abdelatif, Sudan

:: Dr. Ho Soon Min, Malaysia

:: Dr. Mohammed Taleb Alodat, Canada

:: Dr. Mahmoud Hozayn Mahmoud, Egypt

:: Dr. Wan Ramli Bin Wan Daud, Malaysia

:: Dr. Abdalla Abdel-Aziz Ghoname, Egypt

:: Dr. Abdelraouf Ramadan, Egypt

:: Dr. T. Senthil Vadivel, India

:: Dr. Mohamed Kamal Abd-El Latif Abbas, Egypt

:: Dr. Badar Alam Iqbal, India

:: Dr. Bassim H. Hameed, Malaysia

:: Dr. S. Mansour Vaezpour, Iran

:: Dr. Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Malaysia

:: Dr. Magdi A. M. Younis, Egypt