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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI). IDOSI was established with the aim of spreading quality scientific information to the research community throughout the universe, especially from developing countries. In same time, IDOSI is an outstanding organization; a team of highly professionals is running it from all corners of the world. We believe that science has no boundaries, regardless of the great distances between countries and continents. IDOSI publishes recent findings in specialized open access scientific journals, organize conferences as well as provides consultancy services. Our main areas of interest lie in the fields of Agricultural, Biological, Engineering and Chemical Sciences. Also, Health & Life Sciences, Information Technology, Animal and Veterinary Sciences, Zoology, Humanity, Geology, Social and Applied Sciences, etc are of interest. We consider manuscripts for publication from any part of the world and ensure that all submissions are refereed by eminent professors and experts through a double-blind process. The quick and efficient review and publication process makes your papers immediately available online to all the readers immediately upon publication. We invite you in person to join editorial board of our new journals, irrespective to the race, color. We thank you for visiting our website and we hope that after you explore our organization.

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