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Journal of Reproduction and Infertility (JRI)

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Aims and Scope

Journal of Reproduction and Infertility (JRI) is an international scientific journal published by International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOAI).The journal interests in all aspects of Reproduction and Infertility in man and animals, especially new trends and advances. The journal call for original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications that are not published or considered for publication elsewhere. The journal welcomes participations in Theriogenology, Reproductive Physiology, Reproductive Pathology and Diseases , Reproductive Behavior, Andrology, Artificial Insemination, Male Impotency, Genetics, In vitro fertilization, Embryo Production and Transfer, Venereal Diseases, Diseases and Disorders of Mammary Glands Diseases of New Born, Contraceptors, Placentology.

JRI offers: 

  • Publication within a short period after acceptance. 
  • On-line publication in advance of the printed journal. 
  • Papers abstr/indexed by all the major scientific indexing services 
  • Publishing contents in both forms Online and in print (5 offprints + Hard copy)


Prof. Dr. Wahid Mohamed Ahmed, Egypt


Prof. Dr. De-Hua Wang , China 

Assistant Editors-in-Chief

Prof. Dr. V. Balakrishnan , India
Assoc. Prof. Dr. John D. Brooks, New Zealand


Dr. Samithaby Jeyaseelan, USA
Dr. Satya P. Singh, India
Dr. Ghorbanli Sadeghi, Iran
Dr. Mitsuhiro Furuse, Japan
Dr. Wilfrid Dubois, USA
Dr. Nabil A. Hemeida, Egypt
Dr. Murathan Kayim, Turkey
Dr. Borje Daneil, Sweeden
Dr. Raymond Jondet, France
Dr. Nasir H. Shah, Pakistan
Dr. Giuseppe Piccione, Italy
Dr. Dr. Agbede J. Oluwasola, Nigeria
Dr. Samy Ibrahim Shalaby, Egypt 
Dr. P. Soundarpandian, India
Dr. Olav Osteras, Norway
Dr. De-Hua Wang, China
Dr. V. Balakrishnan, India
Dr. Abudlla G. Arjo, Pakistan
Dr. A. M. Ortheruata, Nigeria
Dr. John D. Brooks, New Zealand

Managing Editor

Muhammad Zeeshan


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