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International Journal of Water Resources & Environmental Sciences (IJWRES)

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Aims and Scope
The International Journal of Water Resources and Environmental Sciences is published electronically four times a year by IDOSI. The journal is devoted to all scientific research that addresses the problems and challenges of locating, conserving, developing and managing water resources in general, and particularly those challenges presented by the world’s arid environments.

All manuscripts presented will be subject to extensive peer review by an international panel of referees.

The themes of the journal cover the broadest range of scientific research directly related to water issues and to the unique challenges presented by the arid environment. The following are of particular interest:

I. Water Resources
1. Innovative methods for rain and runoff water modeling
2. Assessment and control of contaminanation and particularly radioactive contamination in groundwater
3. Innovative methods for water production from non-traditional water resources
4. Remote sensing and GIS applications for water resources management
5. Water harvesting and groundwater recharge

II. Water Conservation
1. Water conservation in the agricultural sector
2. Water conservation in industry
3. Water conservation in the municipal sector
4. New technologies and methods for water conservation

III. Arid Environments
1. Pollution of desert environments
2. Climate change and its impact on the desert environment
3. Plant cover in arid environments
4.Conservation of biodiversity in arid environments
5. Desertification and how to combat it

IV. New Technologies for the Study of Arid Environments & their Natural Resources
1. Remote sensing (systems and techniques)
2. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
3. Biotechnology
4. Modern measuring systems and devices
5. Utilization of sustainable energy in water resource development

IJWRES offers:

  • Publication within a short period after acceptance. 
  • On-line publication in advance of the printed journal. 
  • Papers abstr/indexed by all the major scientific indexing services


Dr. Bahaa El-Din Bastawy Mekki, Egypt 
Dr. Nkasiobi Silas Oguzor, Nigeria 
Dr. Yasin Ahmad Al-Zu'bi, Jordan
Dr. Samson N. Maobe, Kenya
Dr. Roberto Altieri, Italy
Dr. Ekpo M. Ossom, Samoa
Dr. Nsalambi Nkongolo, USA
Dr. Eleonora Nistor, Romania 
Dr. P.L. Nayak, India 

Assoc. Editors-in-Chief 

Dr. Gilbert C. Sigua, Florida
Dr. Rajiv Sinha, Australia
Dr. A.N. Misra, India
Dr. Magdi A. M. Younis, Egypt
Dr. Adya Singh, New Zealand 
Dr. Xiao-quan Shan, China 
Dr. Ahmed Hasson, Australia
Dr. Ali Irfan Ilbas, Turkey 
Dr. R. K. Verma, India

Managing Editor

Muhammad Zeeshan, UAE


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