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Volume 12 Number 5, 2017

Effective Tracking of Bus Location Using Map Matching Algorithm

P. Suganya and T. Karthija

An Effective Segmentation of Real Time Traffic Alerts by Improving NLP Stickiness Scores

S. Singaravelan, P. Gopalsamy, D. Arun Shunmugam and D. Murugan

Design of Cntfet Based Ternary 2x2 Sram Memory Array for Low Power Application

S. Tamil Selvan and M. Sundararajan

Implementation of Accident Occurrence And Detection Using Raspberry Pi

Suchithra, N. Rabiya Banu and K. Deventhi Shree

Rule-Based Method for Entity Resolution Using Optimized Root Discovery (ORD)

S. Liji and M. Nithya

Enriched Technique for DG Placement and Sizing by GA Optimization

Aseem Chandel, D.S. Chauhan, D. Singh

Power Quality Enriched Wind Energy System using DSTATCOM based on PID-ANN Controller

A. Nabisha and X. Felix Joseph

Impact of Digital Technology on Learning to Enhance the Employability Skills of Business Management Graduates

R. Mary Metilda and P.C. Neena

Response of Crop Yield and Yield Components of Cantaloupe to Different Irrigation Methods

Majid Rashidi, Mohsen Seilsepour and Karim Arabsalmani

Crop Yield and Yield Components of Cantaloupe under Drought Stress

Majid Rashidi, Mohsen Seilsepour and Karim Arabsalmani


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