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Dr. Riccardo Scalenghe

Born in Torino (Italy) 7/05/1965
M.A. - Torino University (1989)
Ph.D Pisa University (1996)
PostDoc - Torino University (1997/99)


:: Starting from 1997 Member of the Teacher Team of the Master School on “Pedo-enviromental Conservation and Remediation in Mountain Ecosystems”, University of Torino;

:: Starting from 1998 Director of the Master School Consortium for the Education on Mountain and Marginal Ecosystem, (Bocconi Milano, Chieti, L'Aquila, Teramo and Torino Universities);

Applied Pedology Genova University (a.y. 1997/98);

Materials Chemistry Torino University (a.y. 1997/98);

Chemistry Torino University (a.y. 1998/99);

Applied Pedology Torino University (from a.y. 1999/2000);

Soil classification and land evaluation Palermo University (from a.y. 2000/2001)


:: Starting from 1995 associated of the international agreement between Turin University and Institut F.-A. Forel Geneva University “Soil and sediments pollution”;

:: 1995-1997 associated of Trilateral CNR Research project Turin University, Ben Gurion University Beer-Sheva (Israel) - University of Gottingen (DE);

:: Starting from 1996 associated to the FAO/GCP/RAF/303/ITA project in Mali;

:: 1997-1998 associated of Trilateral CNR Research project Turin University, Virginia University (USA) and California University, Davis (USA);

:: 1997-1999 associated of the EU-INCO DC contract No. ERBIC18CT960035 “SUSBIOSOIL”,

:: Starting from 1997 associated of the EU-INTERREG II Italy-France contract No. 106 “WETLANDS”;

:: Starting from 1999 associated to the EU-INCO COPERNICUS Contract No. ERBIC15-CT98-0111 “SUSBIOFOR”.

:: Member of the Association of Soil Science Societies, Society of Wetland Scientists, European Society for Soil Conservation, International Ecological Engineering Society, Società Italiana della Scienza del Suolo, Società Italiana di Pedologia, Società Italiana di Chimica Agraria.

Author or co-author of 68 scientific papers; some significant paper:

1. Barberis E., Ajmone Marsan F., Scalenghe R., Lammers A., Schwertmann U., Edwards A.C., Maguire R., Wilson M.J., Delgado A. and Torrent J. (1996) European soils overfertilized with phosphorus: Part 1. Basic properties. Fert. Res. 45:199-207.

2. Bonifacio E., Scalenghe R., Barberis E. and Zanini E. (1998). Phosphorus status in some natural desert truffle stands. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 29:87-96.

3. Kowalik P., Scalenghe R. and Zanini E. (2000) Winter performance of costructed wetlands in Poland and transfer of results into Alpine environment, Advances in Ecological Sciences (U. Mander Ed.), WIT Press London, 53-58.

4. Scalenghe R., Zanini E. and Nielsen D.R. (2000) Modeling soil development in a post-incisive chronosequence. Soil. Sci. 165:455-462.

5. Freppaz M., Lunardi S., Bonifacio E., Scalenghe R. and Zanini E. (2002) Ski slopes and stability of soil aggregates. Advances in Geoecology 35 (M. Pagliai & R. Jones Eds.), Catena Verlag GMBH, Reiskirchen, Germany

6. Scalenghe R., Bonifacio E., Celi L., Ugolini F.C. and Zanini E. (2002). Pedogenesis in disturbed alpine soils (NW Italy). Geoderma, 109:207-224.

7. Scalenghe R., Edwards A.C., Ajmone Marsan F., and Barberis E. (2002) The effect of reducing conditions on P solubility for a diverse range of European agricultural soils. Eur. J. Soil Sci., 53:439-448.

8. Scalenghe R., Certini G., Corti G., Zanini E. and Ugolini F.C. (2004) Segregated ice and liquefaction effects on compaction of fragipans. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J., 68:204-214.