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Dr. Shahera Talat Abd Al-Razaq Zaitoun (Al-Ghzawi)


Date of Birth  : 27.9.1963.
Place of Birth : Al - Karak
Nationality    : Jordanian.
Marital Status : Married.

Address: Work address
Department of Biotechnology,
Faculty of Agricultural Technology,
Al-Blaqa Applied University,

Tel : 00962/5/3530469
Fax : 00962/5/3530469

Permanent post address

11141 Amman, P.O.Box410604, Jordan.
Tel : 00962/2/7095111 Ex. 23166.
Mob : 00962/79/5576112

Associted Prof. in Apiculture/Economic Entomology/Agric. technology.


High School, Tawjihi Scientific, Al - Taj Secondary School, Amman.   1981.

B.Sc., 1985, Faculty of Agriculture,
  Department of plant Protection, University of Jordan.

M.Sc., 1988, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of plant protection, University of Jordan. Thesis title: Cultural practices and their relationship with type and population trends of fungi in the soil of irrigated Uplands of Jordan.

Ph.D., 1993, Department of Apiculture, University of Hohenheim, Germany. Dissertation title: Initial studies on the attractivity of honeybee brood for Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans.


1. Isolation and Identification of honeybee disease from bee brood, adult bees, and bee products.

2. Modern-beehive management for mass honey, Royal jelly, Propolis, wax and other products production.

3. Queen rearing and artificial insemination.

4. Honey analysis and honey processing.

5. Handling and processing of bee wax, royal jelly and propolis.

6. Entomology and Insect Taxonomy.

7. Quality control of honeybee products (Honey).

8. Director of University Apiary.

9. Teaching the following courses with practical labs

Silk worm rearing.
New technologies in silk worm industry.
Industrial Insects
Honeybees (for non-Agriculture students)
Honeybee keeping
New Technologies in honeybee (including wild bees).
Honeybee products.
Field crop diseases
General Entomology
Food quality control
Plant protection

Assistant in teaching the following labs.

1. Mycology lab.
2. Diagnosis of plant disease.
3. Weed Science lab.
4. Entomology labs.
5. Beekeeping labs.
6. Plant pathology lab.
7. Queen rearing and honeybee breeding labs.

Researcher in the following fields:

* Field of honey analysis.

* Queen rearing.

* Development of new honeybee hybrids (to be reared under dry region areas).

* Honeybee diseases diagnosis and control.

* Insect pollinators.

* Mechanisms of honeybee resistance against insect pests & diseases.

* Honeybee flora.

Financed Research Projects

Project no. 1: Honey bee pests and the general characteristics of Jordanian Honey. Financed by the Higher Council for Science and

Project no. 2: Beekeeping in the arid land of Jordan, and the special role Of women. Financed by Badia Research and Development Program.

Project no.3: Honeybee flora in Jordan Badia. Financed by Badia Research and Development Program.

Project no.4: Biodiversity of honeybees in Jordan using DNA finger printing. Financed by Al-Balqa applied university.

Project no.5: Biodiversity of wild bees in Jordan. In cooperation with German Group.

Project no.6: Prevalence and diagnosis of foulbrood diseases in Jordanian honeybees, based on PCR technique


Sharing in many European Conferences on honeybee disease.

Sharing in many workshops organized by the Ministry of Agriculture concerning honeybee and pollination.

Sharing in the first International Arab Apicultural congress.1996 Beirut, Lebanon.

Sharing in the organization of the second international Arab Apiculture Congress.

Sharing in the second International Arab Apicultural congress. 1998. Amman. Jordan.

Sharing in the organization of the first international biotechnology conference in Al-Balqa Applied University. September 2000. Al-Salt. Jordan.

Sharing in the seventh conference of the International Bee Research Association. March 2000.

Sharing in the fifth conference of the Asian Bee Research Association. March 2000.

Sharing in the Seventh Arab Congress of Plant Protection. October 2000. Amman. Jordan.

Sharing in the organization of the Fourth Agricultural conference. April 2001. Jarash. Jordan.

Sharing in the organizing committee of the Fifth Agricultural conference.


Membership in the International bee Research Association.
Membership in the Asian bee Research Association.
Membership in the Arab beekeepers Association.


Al-Ghzawi, S. (Zaitoun). 1992. Attractivity of A. mellifera to Varroa jacobsoni in small bee colonies. A booklet of the German-Pollen Meeting on Honeybee diseases.

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Zaitoun S. 1998. Stimulation of the bee brood to the parasitic miteVarroa jacobsoni. The second International Arab Apiculture congress. Amman 3-6 August. 2: 41-43.

Zaitoun, S. T.; A. Al-Ghzawi; B. Abu Jdayil and K. Mallah. 2001. Rheological properties of selected light colored honeys from Jordan. International Journal of Food Properties. 4 (1), 139-148.

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Mallah K. B. Abu Jdayil; S.T. Zaitoun and A. Al-Ghzawi. 2001. Application of WLF and Arrhenius Kinetics to Rheology of Selected Dark-Colored Honey. Journal of Food Process Engineering. 24 (5) 341-357.

Nazer, I.; S.T. Zaitoun and I. Krnfleh. Development of honey production in the middleeast. International conference for agricultural economics. Egypt. (in arabic)

Shannag, H.; A. Al-Ghzawi and S. Zaitoun. 2000. Removal behavior of A. m. syriaca towards V. jacobsoni in Jordan. Bull. Soc. Ent. Fran. 105(3) 273-278.

Training courses:

Computer courses (Word, Windows, Lotus, Harvard, Excel, Chart, Spss, Power point)

Arabic and English typing skill.


1. Arabic  : Mother Tongue.
2. English : very good.
3. German  : very good.