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Agricultural Zoology

Dr. Rini Sen

Corresponding Address :

99,Sadar Apertment,
Mayur Vihar-Phase -1,
New –Delhi- 110 091
Tel   : 22714425, 9819807681(M)
Email : rsen@amity.edu
Fax   : 91-0129-5392145


B.Sc. Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Lucknow University

M.Sc. Zoology, Specialization in Entomology, Animal Physiology, Lucknow University

Ph.D. Agriculture Zoology Entomology, CSA University of Agriculture and Technology, Kanpur

Awards received

Merit Scholarship in Metric
Women Scholarship for Post Graduation
Institute Fellowship for Ph.D.
German Academic Exchange Services Fellowship ( DAAD)
  awarded by Govt. Federal Republic of Germany
Advance Research on Neem and other botanicals in
  University of Giessen, Germany

Professional experience

More than 18 years of experience in scientific research. Held classes of post graduation and under graduation for eight years . Also was in the management team involved in planning of courses of university /colleges,seminars/workshops etc.

Superintendent, Nari Kala Kendra, Kanpur,

Principal, St. Omar Teaching Centre, Kanpur,

Head, Family Counseling Cell, Kanpur,

Research Associate, C.S.A Uni. Of Agriculture & Technology,

Assistant Professor, (Entomology),
  C.S.A Uni. Of Agriculture & Technology, Kanpur,

Project Scientist, Environmental Research Lab., Lucknow,

Visiting Scientist , Institute for Phytopathology, Giessen,

Scientific Adviser, Rural Science & Environment Technology Centre,
  Lucknow, ----present

Faculty Institute Of Management Development, Lucknow,

Faculty (Part Time), A.P.P.Kendra, Inst.Agri. Magt, Lucknow

Project Coordinator ( NEEM), U.P Council Of Agricultural Research,

Scientist,/HOD,R&D, Pharmaceutical’s, INCAN Group, Lucknow,

Head Of Entomology Dept. ,Chandra Bhanu Krishi Mahavidyalaya,
  Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow,

Attached to IIT, Delhi (Rural Development & Appropriate Technology), supervising projects.

Asstt. Director, Amity School of Natural Resources & Sustainable Development, New Delhi.

Management NGO experience

Two years of strong experience in pharmaceutical research, and Eleven years in project coordination. Adviser, Rural Science and Environmental Technology Centre, Lucknow. Associated since 1991

The job entails detail project formulation encompassing issues of scientific, social, health, nutrition, rural development, agriculture and education. Also supervising the project implementation and presenting a comprehensible analysis of the project.


Institute Of Management Development, Lucknow

A.P.P.P Kendra, Lucknow
  (UP Govt.’s Civil service’s Coaching Inst.)

State Agricultural Management Institute, Lucknow

Professional memberships

Life member – Aphidological Society Of India

Life Member – Society For Environmental &Agricultural Studies and Mass Communication

Member – Indian Society for Advancement of Insect Science

Fellow – Entomological Society Of India

Member – International Society for Environmental Protection

Member – DAAD, Germany


Strong organizational skills. Led many seminars, training programmes conferences and exhibitions etc. in rural and urban areas. Extremely confident in scientific methodologies involved in rural development and social related researches.

Languages : English, Hindi, Bengali

Interests and activities

Reading books , listening to music and cooking

Publication Author of a book on Agriculture Entomology for M.Sc and B.Sc level students. + a book on Neem in Agriculture.

Contribute few papers in refereed journals, conference papers articles in main-line dailies and magazine.,pamphlets.etc

Delivered talks on All India Radio and TV from time to time


Experience of International traveling and intercultural living.
Visited Germany, Thailand, Philippines and Nepal

Full Publication List of Dr. Rini Sen

Refereed papers as joint author

1. R. Sen, Y.K Mathur and R.V. Kushwaha (1988) Studies on the general biology of Melanagromyza celomae Spensor. Agri. Biol. Res. 4(1):59

2. R. Sen. and R.V. Kushwaha (1988) Crocidolmia binotalis Zell (Pyralidiae Lepidoptera) is new pest of Drassica juncea and B. compestris Plant, Cruciferous recorded in kanpur, U.P. Agri. Biol. Res. 4(1),67

3. P.M. Nigam and R. Sen. (1988) Relative toxicity of some insecticides to Lipaphis erysimi Kalt, Newl. Aph. Soc. India. 7(2):8-10

4. R. Sen & T.P.S. Teotia (1989) Effect of single and repeated application of antibiotics on the colonies of mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi Kalt. Farm Science j. 4(1-2):123-125

5. P.M Nigam and R. Sen. (1989) Efficacy of neem oil against Nephotettix virescens (Homoptera:Cicadellidae) Mythimna seperata (Lepidoptera Noctuidae) pest of rice. Neem Newsletter 6(3):23-24

6. R.Sen.and T.P.S.Teotia(1989).Prolonged effect of antibiotics in the successive generations of mustard aphid,Lipaphis erysimi Kalt.J.Aphidology 8(1-2):209-211

7. R. Sen. and T.P.S. Teotia (1990) Effect of antibiotics against different life stages of mustard aphis,Lipaphis erysimi Kaltenbach, J. Aphidology 4(1-2):82-85

8. P.M. Nigam and R. Sn.(1990) Field screening of some promising insecticides against Mythimna seperata Walker a serious pest of rice crop. Entomon. 15(1-2): 121-122

Conference Papers.

1. R. Sen. and T.P.S. Teotia (1988) Permanence effect of antibiotics in the successive generation of mustard aphis , Lipaphis erysimi kalt. 4th National Symposium , Shimla(India) Souvenir and Abstracts :35-36

2. R. Sen and R.S. Verma (1988) Education, training and encouraging women as beekeepers in India. 4th International Conf. On Apiculture in Tropical Climates. 6-10 Nov. Cairo, Egypt.

3. P.M. Nigam and R. Sen. (1988) Evaluation of Neem oil formulations against rice insect pest. Botanical Pest Control in Rice Based Cropping System Workshop. International Rice Research Institute, Philippines, 12-16th Dec.

4. R. Sen . and P.M. Nigam (1988) Indian women in rice farming International Conf.on Women in Agriculture 30th Nov-6th Dec. New Delhi.

5. R. Sen. (1989) Efficacy of antibiotics alone and in combination with surfactants and synergist against mustard aphid. National Seminar on Role of Young Scientists in National Development. Sept. 14-18, Modinagar, Souvenier & Abstracts :30

6. P.M. Nigam, B.R. Kuswaha, R. Sen and Ashok Kumar (1889) Relative Toxicity of some insecticides against Bagrada cruciferarum Kirkaldy Proc. 77th Indian Congress Part III(Abstracts):154.

7. R. Sen (1990): Insect pest problems in the rice based cropping system in around Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh India): Strengthening rice crop protection research with reference to Botanical Pest Control: Phase II,March 26-29.International Workshop Tamilnadu, Coimbatore, India.

8. P.M. Nigam, S.M. Singh and R. Sen. (1990) Effect of certain plant extracts against mustard aphis , Lipahpis erysimi Kalt National Symposium on Problems & Prospects of Botanical Pesticides in Integrated Pest Management. Jan. 21-22, Rajamundry, India. Abstracts : 35-36

9. R. Sen (1991). Needed : Awareness of neem’s potential among farm women in India. XVII Pacific Science Congress, Honolulu, USA May 27-June 2

10. R. Sen, S.A. BA Angood & H. Shmutterer (1992) Growth disrupting effects of Neem Oil enriched with Azadirachtin by the addition of Neem-Zal powder on Locusta Migratoria.II Workshop on Practice Oriented Results on use and production of neem ingredients and Pheromones. 29th Nov. 2nd Dec. Lahnau, Germany

11. R. Sen & H. Schmutterer (1993) Growth disrupting effect of Neem based products from India,one from America on Epilachna varivestis , World Neem Conf. Bangalore, India Feb. 24-28. Abstracts :47

12. R. Sen . & H. Schmutterer (1994) Seed kernal leaf powder ethanolic extracts of Indian Neem as the growth inhibitors of Plutela xylostella. International Symposium Allelopathy in Sustainable Agriculture Forestry & Environment . New Delhi. India Sept. 6-8, Abstracts :126

13. H. Schmutterer & R. Sen (1996) Growth disrupting effect of some Neem based products on Maxican bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis Mulsant Coleoptera : Coccinellidae .Australia Feb 4-9 Abstracts : 33 (reprinted by neem foundation –India)

14. R. Sen. (1996) Neem - Indian Traditional Biological Wealth, International Conf. on Plants and Environmental Pollution NBRI Lucknow (India) 28th Nov. Abstracts :35


1. R. Sen. (1995) Utilization of Neem in Agriculture (Potential of Neem an over view ) U.P. Council of Agriculture Research.

2. R. Sen. (2001) Agricultural Entomology (for B.Sc.& M.Sc.level)

Other Publications & Talks

1. R. Sen. (1992) Properties of Neem (Hindi), Rastriya Sahara, National daily 10th August

2. R. Sen. (1994) Neem ki Upyogita (Uses of Neem,Hindi) Swatantra Bharat. National Daily, Uphar, 18th April

3. R. Sen. (1994) IMDUP improving managerial skills. The Pioneer National Daily, 21st April

4. R. Sen. (1994) Radio talk on Integrated Pest Management 28th Nov.

5. R. Sen (1995) Jeevan surakhsha ke liye awashayak hai paryavaran ki surakhsha. ( Need of Environmental Protection for life) Hindi. Pratidin Evening News. 6th June

6. R. Sen. (1995) Vigyan Chetna Abhiyan ( Science Awareness Programm). NEEM Hindi Published by Council of Science & Tecnology. UP. Lucknow

7. R. Sen. (1995) Neem (Recommendations for small scale field crops) UP Council of Agri. Research. Lucknow.

8. R. Sen. (1996) Krishi me Neem ka Mahatwa.(Importance of Neem In Agri.) Hindi Kisan Jyoti March :45-48

9. R. Sen (1996) Neem Aur Krishi (Neem & Agri.) Hindi TV Talk June 24

10. R. Sen (1996) Mahilaon ke liye Neem (Neem for women) Hindi Radio Talk Dec.16