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American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences
                                    Volume 5 Number S, 2009

                 Special Issue on ‘ VERMICULTURE & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE

   List of Contents

1) The Concept of Sustainable Agriculture: An Issue of Food Safety & Security for People,     Economic Prosperity for the Farmers & Ecological Security for the Nations

2) Earthworms : The ‘Unheralded Soldiers of Mankind’ & ‘Farmer’s Friend’ Working Day &     Night Under the Soil: Reviving the Dreams of Sir Charles Darwin for Promoting     Sustainable Agriculture

3) Earthworms Vermicompost : A Powerful Crop Nutrient Over the Conventional Compost &     Protective Soil Conditioner Against the Destructive Chemical Fertilizers for Food     Safety & Security

4) Vermiculture Can Promote Sustainable Agriculture and Completely Replace Chemical     Agriculture: Some Experimental Evidences by Studies on Potted & Farmed Cereal &     Vegetable Crops

5) Environmental – Economics of Crop Production by Vermiculture: Economically Viable &     Environmentally Sustainable Over Chemical Agriculture

6) References & Further Readings

Principal Authors

Rajiv K. Sinha & Sunil Herat

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